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Tetramorium Bicarinatum

An interesting species with the capability of inbreeding! 


Camponotus Herculeanus

A beautiful large species , slow growing but worth the time and effort!

Camponotus Ligniperda

The Largest ant available in Europe! Queens are between 14 mm-16 mm and workers average 6 mm-13 mm

Lasius Flavus

Also known as the yellow meadow ant, a beautiful yellow/orange ant that farm root aphids.

Solenopsis Geminata/Invicta

A very fast growing invasive species,colony's reach numbers into the hundreds of thousands within 12months!

Crematogaster Scutellaris 

A small species with a red head and heart shaped gaster, they can be classed as invasive due to there growth rate.

Tetramorium Semilaeve 

A small species with fast brood production/growth

A simple test tube set up for your Queen or Colony

A favourite among all ant keepers ,a simple set up perfect for founding Queens and small colony's

How to transfer your colony to a clean test tube set up

Handy tips on how to move your colony into a new clean tube without escapes!