The Ant Lady's Personal Collection

Species : Manica Rubida 


Size: 200workers plus

Started from founding Queen

Current housing: Wakooshi S5 complete set up


I started this colony with a single Queen!  She came with a few eggs and I still remember being super scared whilst feeding her as they are so aggressive! Initially she was kept in a simple test tube set up which then progressed to an Antkit ant home, she remained here until around 20workers, she was then upgraded to an antkit size 2 acrylic nest with a antkit 1000 outworld.  They flourished during this period and brood soon started to pile up! I fed them a mixture of pre killed roaches/wax worms and crickets.  The wax worms were the favourite as they would be dragged in the nest and placed on the hungry larvae.  

It soon became apparent they needed another upgrade! This time I went with the new Gen 2 Wakooshi modules and this is when i saw a huuuuge increase in growth!  

Species :Pheidole Noda 

Age : 2 Years 

Size : EST 2500 +

Housing : AntLab Size 2 ytong with AntKit 4000 Outworld 


This colony was actually given to me by a friend who has done a remarkable job of rearing them!  They arrived in a nest with a ton alates!  They decided to have there nuptial flight after the move which was great fun to watch.  There a big fan of roaches but enjoy spreading there waste all over the place into little piles.  I plan to attach an extra outworld for them which is an AntKit 8000 which will allow some great climbing space.

More Coming Soon!