A great way for the best start to a thriving colony, the tube replicates a more natural environment for the colony.

The bamboo tube is easily hydrated over and over without having to keep moving a colony to a new set up meaning less stress for both the keeper and the ants.

15mm and 18mm nursery’s come with the 40x40x40mm feeding outworld which requires assembly.  A guide to assembly has been made for us by KB Ants on YouTube. 

20+mm will come with a 70x70x70mm outworld which requires minor assembly - rubber seals installing. 

1 x Bamboo tube size dependant on your selection from the drop down menu. 
1 x flat pack feeding outworld - 15mm and 18mm 
Rubber sealers 
1 x stand

**If you are buying outside of the UK please read our FAQ page and ensure you are happy to accept these terms BEFORE purchase -https://www.theantlady.co.uk/faq

Bamboo Nursery Tube + feeding outworld