The Asian needle ant is a ponerine species of ant , measuring around 5mm to 6.5mm.  They are a poly species meaning they can have multiple queens within a colony.  Originating from Asia/Japan they’ve made their way over to the USA.  Due to the fast growth and powerful sting they are considered a pest as there more than equipped to kill.

This species MUST be treated with CAUTION as there sting can lead to anaphylactic shock.  Under no circumstances should you put yourself in a position where this species can make contact with yourself- long tweezers are a must!  They are awful climbers and have a hard time climbing smooth surfaces so can easily be housed without escape, although I would still urge people to use a barrier as a precaution - better to be safe than sorry.

Workers and queens look very similar in size, they are quite long and slender with a brown/black appearance.  They prefer damp/humid nests and temps around 26c-28c which will also aid the fast growth. 

Proteins they’ll prefer dead insects for ease but they will quite happily hunt live feeders by recruitment. They are also very partial to sugars!

Brachyponera chinensis - Asian Needle Ant

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