Camponotus Cinctellus is known as the African shiny sugar Ant due to its remarkable coloured gaster.  

Cinctellus are found throughout Africa and will produce different castes of workers, which means they’ll produce much larger majors in keeping with most camponotus species. 

They are a very popular specie to keep due to the majors size and also the colouration is honestly breathtaking.

Nest Temp : 24-28c 
Outworld Temp : 25-30c 
Humidity:  50-70%
Hibernation : None
Queen Size 14-16mm
Worker Size 5-12mm
Both protein and sugars are required in the form of honey water /sugar water / pure honey is fine but feed very small amounts on cotton wool. 
Protein in the form of Dubai roach/meal worm/waxworm/crickets. 

Camponotus Cinctellus - African Shiny Sugar Ant

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