A very beautifully coloured and fast growing Camponotus species from the USA, they’ve a distinct Red thorax and black gaster.

Often found in and around Alabama nesting in wooded structures/ trees in keeping within the Camponotus species. Required temps for best growth are around 26c with a humidity region of 65-75%. They are fully claustral so won’t need feeding until first workers arrive. The less disturbance the better during this time.

Camponotus will produce both majors and super majors within the colony ranging from 3.5mm to 12mm

Queen Size : 12-13mm

Worker Size : 3.5mm to 7.5mm

Major Size : 10mm to 12mm

They are accepting of many types of protein such as Wax Worms , Meal Worms, roaches and also fruit fly’s!

Camponotus are known sugar addicts and will gorge themselves until gasters are round and plump!

They are easy to easy house , my suggestions being Acrylic, Wakooshi Modules or Ytong and of course natural!

They benefit from remaining in a small set up until they reach 20-30workers as with most species.

This species does not require hibernation

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Camponotus Discolour