Camponotus Turkestanus - previously Fedtensckoi

Camponotus Turkestanus - previously Fedtensckoi

Camponotus Turkestanus are an absolute gem in the AntKeeping hobby. Colours vary from a beautiful dark orange/ brown to a light orange with gasters being almost see threw when engorged. Majors can reach an impressive size often being larger than the Queen.  Fedtensckoi are the only known species of Camponotus to have majors larger than the queen. 
I’n keeping with most Camponotus there true honey monsters!
They are also very aggressive and will attack near enough anything even your tweezers! 

Queen: Size: 15 - 16mm Color: Bright yellow, strong thorax
There is also a second coloured morph with a brown thorax and yellow gasters 

Workers: Size: 5 - 12mm 

Major: Size 14 - 18mm 

Male: Size: 13mm 

Sugars : Honey/Sugar Water / Ant Nectars. - Use Wakooshi Red Blend for visibility in the stomach after feeding 

Protein : Wax Worms/ Meal Worms / Dubai Roaches / Fruit Flys 
**REMINDER** Pre Kill feeders and dip in boiling water for 3-5 seconds to eliminate anything harmful. 

Humidity: Hunting area: 30 - 50% Nest: 50 - 70%

Temperature: Hunting area: 18 - 35 ° C Nest: 26-28 ° C. Anything lower than 27c will cease brood production.  

Hibernation: No, but diapause recommended from November to March at room temperature