A very very pretty ant all the way from Africa , Queens are rather large and bulky with a magnificent golden/yellow colouring whilst workers are nearly always yellow and have a distinct pattern on the gaster, majors stand proud at 16mm with a black head / yellow body. 

This is a rather quick developing species once past founding, colony’s grow rather large to so as I always say preparation is key!  There love for sugars is most definitely in keeping with the Camponotus species however once brood piles start to grow they do grow quite protein hungry. 

Queen: Size: 16-18mm
Workers: Size: 6-16mm
Major: 16mm
Protein and Sugars: Wax Worms / roaches /crickets 
TheAntLady Cotton Candy / Sugar Water 
Nesting: Very easy to house acrylic nests being great but will also do well in plaster / ytong / natural 
Temperature : 23-28c 
Hibernation:N/A although a 4 week diapause is beneficial 
Colony Size when mature : 5000
Mono/Poly: Monogyne ( one queen per colony) 
Fully/Semi claustral : Fully claustral- feeding not required until first workers 

Majors are able to bite quite hard but nothing untoward.

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Camponotus Maculatus