Camponotus Nicobarensis are a beautiful exotic species. They show very quick growth and brood development. Colony’s will grow very quickly if given sufficient protein and honey.

They are also a very active species which produce majors

Humidity requirements: 50–60%

• Temperature requirements: 25–28 °C

• Hibernation: No

• Suggested housing: Acrylic, Ytong, Natural set up.

• Nutrition: Sugars from honey or sugar water. Protein from insects such as Dubai Roach crickets wax worms

• Colony size: 3000+

• Queen size: 12-14 mm

• Worker size: 5-7 mm

• Major size: 7-9 mm

• Monogyne/polygyne: Polygyne

Camponotus Nicobarensis

  • We offer alive arrival guarantee on all our colony,s but this only covers the Queen, workers/brood is excluded.

    To qualify for our alive arrival guarntee there are a few particulars which must be met.

    You must be in for your first delivery attempt , should you miss the delivery then live arrival guarntee is voided.

    You must make us aware whithin 12 hours of delivery

    A clear picture of the dead queen in the test tube must be taken and sent again within 12 hours of delivery - this is to