A small to medium sized Camponotus species from the USA , and if you hadn’t guessed already their predominantly found in one of my favourite places NewYork! 

Queens can measure up to 18mm whilst majors are able to achieve an impressive 16mm. Warmer temperatures of around 26c will really increase the production rates of this species coupled with a lower humidity ranging from 45% to 55% is ideal. 

The queens have a beautiful dark black base colour with dark red tons on the thorax. 

Queen: Size: 17-18mm
Workers: Size: 8-12mm
Major: 16mm
Protein and Sugars: Wax Worms / roaches /crickets 
TheAntLady Cotton Candy / Sugar Water 
Nesting: Very easy to house acrylic nests being great but will also do well in plaster / ytong / natural 
Temperature : 23-28c 
Hibernation:November to March 
Colony Size when mature : 5000
Mono/Poly: Monogyne ( one queen per colony) 
Fully/Semi claustral : Fully claustral- feeding not required until first workers 

Majors are able to bite quite hard but nothing untoward. 

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Camponotus Novaeboracensis - The NewYork Carpenter Ant

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