A rather attractive and aggressive species of this genus, nest disturbance results in a mob of angry workers charging the threat! 
This species is from Africa but is found in other country’s such as Greece/Turkey. They enjoy warmer nesting temps and sandy /desert themed outworlds.

Nesting temps would benefit from being 25c to 28c and outworlds up to 29c.  

Queens are 16-18mm with a yellow /black gaster and thorax.

Workers are 7-12mm with Majors being up to 16mm.

For proteins there not so fussy and will accept a wide variety of feeder insects such as Meal worms / wax worms/ roaches and crickets.

Sugars should be provided once a week , either TheAntLady’s cotton candy or just normal sugarwater /honey will be fine

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Camponotus Sanctus

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