Colobopsis Truncatus


Also called "Gatekeeper ant"
It has a conspicuous "Castedimorphism": In addition to ordinary workers, there is a specialized "Gatekeeper ant", the narrow nest entrances obstruct colony associated ants can pass it, but for foreign ants and insects it is an impassable barrier these "bouncers" have a conspicuously flattened head, which acts like a wedge. Naturally they build their nest in dead wood.


• Humidity requirements: 50-80%
• Temperature requirements: 18-25°C
• Hibernation: October to March at 5 to 8°C
• Suggested housing:  Acrylic, Ytong,
• Nutrition: Sugars from honey or sugar water. Protein from insect sources 
• Colony size: ~200
• Queen size: 7-10 mm
• Worker size: 5-6 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Monogyne (One Queen per colony)




Colobopsis Truncatus

  • We offer alive arrival guarantee on all our colony,s but this only covers the Queen, workers/brood is excluded. 

    To qualify for our alive arrival guarntee there are a few particulars which must be met.

    You must be in for your first delivery attempt , should you miss the delivery then live arrival guarntee is voided. 

    You must make us aware whithin 12 hours of delivery

    A clear picture of the dead queen in the test tube must be taken and sent again within 12 hours of delivery - this is to stop fraudulent claims.

  • Colonys are sent Monday to Thursday only, this prevents ants being left in the sorting office over a weekend. 

    Ants are sent recorded delivery 1st class only, with very sensitive species being sent Next day special delivery by 1pm. You shall be made aware of this