TheAntLady’s very own Nectar! We have worked tirelessly to create a sugary liquid for our sugar loving friends!  We’ve taken our time on releasing this as we wanted to get it right, rather than just plain old sugar water we’ve made a high concentration with added ingredients such as electrolytes and vitamin B to promote healthy growth for queens and colony’s.Our Nectar has been lab tested and approved safe for both ants and humans! -Not that I’m telling you to drink it! TheAntLady cannot be responsible for any human consumption. Any damages caused will be the customers fault ONLYOur nectar is not watered down and is a pure sugar solution , you can indeed feed it as is for an extra sugary treat or water it down for more regular feedings as required but remember a little goes a long way.

**If you are buying outside of the UK please read our FAQ page and ensure you are happy to accept these terms BEFORE purchase -

TheAntLady Cotton Candy Delight sugars