A lovely species of ant from the USA, workers are small and agile and are quick to find prey. 

Commonly known as the pyramid ant, they can be quite sensitive during founding and don’t like being disturbed. Once this stage is passed growth is quick 

Queen: Size:5.5mm to 6.5mm
Workers: Size: 2-4mm
Major: N/A
Protein and Sugars: Wax Worms / roaches /crickets 
TheAntLady Cotton Candy / Sugar Water 
Nesting: Very easy to house acrylic nests being great or ytong ,  you’ll need very good escape prevention. 
Temperature : 24-26c 
Hibernation: No 
Colony Size when mature : 3000
Mono/Poly: Monogyne ( one queen per colony) 
Fully/Semi claustral : Fully claustral- feeding not required until first workers 


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Dorymyrmex bureni

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