Formica Sanguine are also known as the slave maker ant. 

Sanguine will raid Formica fusca nests and steal brood, they’ll then raise the brood and make them become slaves. 

Brood can be given to sanguine to create a multi species colony, these colony’s all have fusca slaves. 
Formica Sanguine are usually found nesting in rotten wood and forests , Sanguine spray formic acid when threatened and are very fast. They are are well known for there polymorphism, It is quite common for De-alate queens to re enter there orgional nest creating very very large colonys in the wild.  
• Humidity requirements: 50-60%
• Temperature requirements: 20-25°C
• Hibernation: October-March at 10°C
• Suggested housing: Acrylic, Ytong, Soil, Very adaptable
• Nutrition: Sugars from honey or sugar water. Protein from insect sources 
• Colony size: 1-10,000+
• Queen size: 12 mm
• Worker size: 4-8 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Polygyne (Can be multiple Queens per colony)

Formica Sanguine - slave maker ants