Lasius Umbratus are a social parasite , they can only found a colony successfully by taking over a host colony. 

Queens will fly the same as any other but will need to find a relatively small colony to enter and adopt their scent. Once a queen has achieved this she will seek out the colony’s true queen and kill her.   The workers will then rear the brood as their own and thus meaning her battle for survival was not in vein. 

In captivity queens are given host workers namely Lasius Niger / flavus to care for the queen herself and her brood. 

Queen: Size: 7-8mm
Workers: Size: 3-5mm
Major: Size: N/A
Protein and Sugars: Wax worms / roaches / meal worms / Antlady Cotton Candy / Sugar water 
Nesting: Predominantly an underground species farming root aphids so a natural set up would be advisable after founding in a test tube set up. 
Climate : Room temperatures up to 24c maximum 
Hibernation: From September until March 
Colony size when mature: 6000-8000
Semi/fully claustral: must have hosts to succeed 


Lasius Umbratus

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