Messor Bouvieri (Harvester Ant)
Messor are a larger species with major workers, they are mainly seed eaters but a top up of protein via insects is always appreciated.  Queens are light sensitive so total darkness is required.  Red acetate seems un-effective for this sp from my own personal experience. 
• Humidity requirements: 50 – 60%
• Temperature requirements: 18 – 26 °C
• Hibernation: November-February at 15°C
• Suggested housing:  Acrylic, soil.
• Nutrition: They mainly eat seeds which they grind down to make ant bread. Sugars from honey or sugar water. Protein from insect sources.
• Colony size: 1-10,000
• Queen size: 14–18 mm
• Worker size: 3–9 mm
• Major size: 9–14 mm
• Monogyne/polygyne: Monogyne (One Queen per colony)

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Messor Bouvieri