A beautifully coloured species with a dark red to light red body/thorax. This species grow incredibly quickly and will breed within the nest, this means colony’s will produce many egg laying queens which will stay within the nest. 

Numbers grow rapidly given the correct amount of sugars and protein. They flourish in temps of 28-30c  with egg production peaking at 30c 

They need to be kept responsibly and safely! A secure formicarium is a must, it must also be readily expandable. Officially their size is 2.6-2.8mm but I‘ve had specimens between 2.6 and 4mm

Appropriate set ups would be acrylic , tubs and tubes , even ytong but they do favour a more natural habitat with the ability to dig like most species, this said they’ll flourish in nearly all set ups

Food wise I’d highly suggest pre killing feeder food such as crickets , roaches , wax worms and meal worms.  The more you feed the more they’ll grow. 

Monomorium cf BiColour

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