Myrmoteras binghamii - trap jaw

This amazing trapjaw species are found largely in forested areas where they forage singly on the surface of the ground and in leaf litter.

Nests are tiny, with a single queen and less than 100 workers, in soil or small twigs on the ground. These ants are relatively rare, or at least uncommonly encountered.

Their biggest outstanding features are their large mandibles and very large eyes!


Queen 7mm

Worker 5.5-7mm


Nest 24 - 26°C

Outworld 24- 30°C


Nest 50 - 80%

Outworld 50 - 70%

Hibernation N/A


Sugars such as honey water

Protein such as insects - for this species I recommend fruit flys or spring tails


Myrmoteras binghamii - trap jaw