A beautiful red coloured Pheidole species found throughout Asia. Queens are small but produce some very very impressive brood piles and quickly! 

Also in my experience this species inbreeds within the nest and fertile queens will remain in the colony after mating. 

Queen: Size:5mm
Workers: Size: 2-3mm
Major: 4mm
Protein and Sugars: Wax Worms / roaches /crickets 
TheAntLady Cotton Candy / Sugar Water 
Nesting: Very easy to house acrylic nests being great but will also do well in plaster / ytong / natural 
Temperature : 24-27c 
Colony Size when mature : 4000
Mono/Poly: Poly - multiple queens 
Fully/Semi claustral : Fully claustral- feeding not required until first workers 

Workers/Majors are able to bite but due to the size pose no risk. 

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Pheidole Pieli

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