Polyrhacis dives are an Asian species known for weaving there nests from the silk of their own larvae.

Polyrhacis colony’s are Poly , meaning there can be multiple fertile queens within a colony.  They are also known to mate within the nest which in turns produces more fertile egg laying queens.

They are extremely resourceful when weaving there nest and will use almost anything to create a nest structure.  The silk webbing produced   is strong, water repellent and durable.  Once a colony establishes they’ll swarm foods and sugars almost instantaneously.

Polyrhacis  thermoregulate, and benefit from a natural environment with a choice of gradients.

Queens are easily identifiable at around 10-12mm, they present as big stocky lady’s!  Workers are smaller at around 6-8mm with very slight polymorphism.

I’ve always found that the warmer the better for polyrhacis but they MUST have a cool area too.
In a natural set up I’d advise leaving a heat Matt on full on one side of the tank, this is down to Polyrhacis being able to thermoregulate and with the choice of a cooler spot it is safe to do this. 

Whilst colony’s are smaller I’d recommend heat at 28c until there able to construct themselves an impressive nest.  It is very important there not Crammed into a test tube set up with plugged cotton for long as they’ll spray Formic acid and gas themselves resulting in death.

Polyrhacis Dives - Weaver Ants

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