The V.I.A is a beautifully hand crafted crystal clear glass Ant nest. 

At 25x200mm they offer a growing colony a nice spacious - but not overly large nesting area.  

A breathable cap with seal means we don’t need any cotton wool sticking out the top of the tube to keep them secured.  The mesh on the cap also means while preventing escapes it still boasts Good air flow! Especially good for formic acid spraying species.

The glass feeding area makes cleaning old food / sugars away very easy - wipe down quickly and close.

The hydration chamber is easily refilled as required  via the black stopper.

The Nesting area is made from airated concrete and ceramsite helping to reduce any fungi development while maintaining a constant humidity.

I myself have been using these for quite a while now along with the traditional bamboo tubes and am extremely excited in making them available on the store as I’ve seen absolutely fantastic results. 


**If you are buying outside of the UK please read our FAQ page and ensure you are happy to accept these terms BEFORE purchase -

The V.I.A house