All our current Colony’s of yellow crazy ants are able to be merged without issue.  This means you can pick and choose multiple colony’s to make a much larger one 

Anoplolepis Gracilipes- The Yellow crazy ant! These species of ant are known as crazy ants due to there erratic behaviour. They are extremely fast  and agile. 

They are a beautiful species to keep and are a personnel favourite of the antlady herself.  Often referred to as an invasive species, this is due to there quick growth and poly nature. They are also capable of both nuptial flights and inbreeding within there nest. 

Humidity requirements: 60%-70%
• Temperature requirements: 25-27°C
• Hibernation: None
• Suggested housing: Acrylic, Ytong, 
• Nutrition: Sugars from honey water / sugar water. Proteins from a wide range of feeder insects. 
• Colony size: 1-10,000+
• Queen size: 15 mm
• Worker size: 5 mm

Fourth Photo credit to a Photographer from India Harilal

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Yellow Crazy Ants - Anoplolepis Gracilipes

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